To make a mortal age faster. Endora
    Odd plus odd
    Add up to even.
    Let the curse
    Be on Derwood Stephen(s).
    Make the future
    Be the present
    And zing it to
    The Dum-dum peasant.

  Another age spell: When the Earth turns once around the sun
Let the crone go forth till the day is done.

Anothers form you'll take and your form leave
From six in the morn until six in the eve.

If in this time she can secure
A willing kiss from a mortal pure.

To her will pass the mortal's youth
To him will pass her age forsooth.


Argue~This spell was used to make Samantha and Darrin argue.

To make people argue. You set aside your true emotions

Your loving marital devotions.

The air around you know grows sicker

As under my spell, you constantly bicker.


As a witch of great civility

I remove this pairs' hostility.

Here's the message from above

You're not sick, you're just in love.





To make someone notice you.


Spiders and bunnies

That hoppity-hop.

When my name is mentioned,

Bobbin's heart will flippity-flop.


To Clone
To split a person into two.Used to create 2 Darrins: one a hard working breadwinner, the other a doting husband.

Atom split

And so can man.
Be in both placesHere and Japan.
One for the money,
Two for the show.Doting husband staysBusiness man goes.

Enough of two dum-dums,

Put them as before.

Let us have one Derwood

The big crashing boar.

This resulted in Darrin being sent to the time of Henry I.

Backwards, turn backwards

O time in thy flight.

Back to the past

With the speed of light.
To Henry's time,

Let's check the date.

And do not pass

Henry number 8.


To make someone laugh at everything sad.

Your view of life I find quite sick

This spell will change what makes you tick.

At serious things you'll laugh and giggle

The graver the note, the more it will tickle.



To give a person an idea.

Sprig of purple,

Dash of lime.

Let the spell begin

At the sound of chime.
Pinch of basil

Splash of wine

The voice will be Dum-dum's

The idea will be mine.

To make some obey or agree to everything you say.

From this day on, you will find

Mortals bending to your mind.

You will have a glow of charm

Extending twice, your outstretched arm.

Mortals who win this circle beamed

No matter what you say agree
Now my boy, we'll see! we'll see!

To remove the spell:

Edgeful, eifle, trifle tree

Let's remove the spell from thee.


This spell was used to send Serena into the past.

And day into night.

Back to the past

With the speed of light.

To Derwood the Bold

To do this spell
I wish you luck

If not, just yell.